Our key stakeholders


ARM is committed to transparent, comprehensive and objective communication with our stakeholders. The Investor Relations Department is responsible for communication with the investment community and the media. Over and above press releases and SENS announcements, management grants one-on-one interviews to the media as requested.

Shareholders, analysts and potential investors

ARM has a comprehensive investor relations programme to communicate with domestic and international shareholders, fund managers and investment analysts. The programme includes a number of conferences, results roadshows twice a year as well as the ARM Annual General Meeting. ARM’s website provides continuous updates on the Company’s operational, financial and sustainability performance.

Employees and organised labour

ARM aims to be an employer of choice to ensure that it attracts and retains skills. ARM is committed to fair treatment and remuneration of its employees. ARM invests in skills development and careerplanning programmes which are in place to ensure that employees develop to their full potential. ARM aims to maintain good relationships with unions and is regularly engaged with unions and organised labour through monthly shop steward meetings and other meetings as required.

Joint venture partners
Joint venture partners

ARM’s strategy is to position itself as a partner of choice. ARM is constantly engaged with its joint venture partners through ongoing management interaction during the ordinary course of business as well as through monthly executive management meetings.

Communities, civil society and Non-Governmental Organisations

All ARM operations have social investment forums to discuss investment in communities surrounding the operations. In most communities, monthly/quarterly meetings are held to discuss LED and CSI projects. ARM’s Broad-Based Economic Empowerment Trust partners with traditional and other community leaders to invest in the upliftment of rural communities throughout South Africa.

Changes or expansions to our current operations require engagement with communities through stakeholder consultation processes as prescribed by the Regulations of the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA).

Suppliers [icon]
Suppliers and local business

Fair and transparent engagement with our suppliers and local businesses is key to our success. ARM’s payment terms are in line with industry standards and we ensure that we operate on an ethical basis. ARM requires valid BEE certificates to support transformation in its supply chain and we are committed to the upliftment of local business through our LED programmes.


ARM engages with its customers in the course of business, through annual contractual negotiations and regular service level agreement renewals. ARM has processes in place to ensure consistency of product quality and timeous delivery of products to customers

Bankers [icon]
Bankers, insurers and funders

Relationships with the relevant financial services institutions are maintained through regular meetings and discussions. We strive for comprehensive and transparent disclosure with all our providers of capital through our external reporting.


ARM engages local and provincial government with respect to LED projects, licences and compliance with the relevant safety and environmental legislation. ARM also engages with national government on matters of policymaking as required. ARM is represented on various industry bodies which engage with government.

Industry associations

ARM is a member of the Chamber of
Mines (CoM), the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), the Association of Mine Managers of South Africa (AMMSA), the Association of Resident Engineers, Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), the Ferro-Alloy Producers’ Association (FAPA), water users’ associations as well as the Energy Intensive User Group. Membership of these associations ensures that ARM has access to global best practice and participates in discussions that affect the industry.